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 Buzzy Bee Wraps are available in 3 sizes - small, medium & large. 

SMALL: Ideal for wrapping snacks, fruit, biscuits, slices, school and work lunches, covering small bowls, chopped veggies, small blocks of cheese, fruit.

MEDIUM: Suitable for wrapping muffins, slices of cake, covering bowls, fruit, veggies, cheese.

LARGE: The large size is big enough to wrap 2 sandwiches, filled rolls, 1kg block off cheese, leafy veggies, fruit, cover bowls.

Wax wraps are also great to wrap toiletries while travelling as they keep all your products dry.



  • Re-Usable 
  • Eco friendly 
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Reduces plastic waste


  • 100% cotton fabric 
  •  Beeswax 
  • Pine Resin 
  • Jojoba Oil 

Each wrap comes with instructions on how to use and care for your wraps.